How You Can Sell Your Unused Cosmetics Online

You may buy a cosmetic product, maybe try it out and then you realize you don’t like it or it isn’t your type. Other time you realize that maybe you’ve bought more than a certain beauty product and now you’re wondering whether to put it in a drawer or sink or keep it for the unforeseen future. Would it not be a good idea if you re-home your rejects or excesses into someone else hands while simultaneously recouping some of the money you spent? Here are some of the ways you can go about it.


This is an app that allows you to sell only brand new and never-used products. It doesn’t allow the Should You of used before products due to healthy and safety reasons. Other things that are prohibited include liquids, nail polish, and fragrance. This app allows you to list the items you want to sell for free then communicate with your potential customers through the comments, and it has a private offer tool where you negotiate the price. The buyer incurs the shipping cost since it is included in the final cost, and once the purchase procedure has been completed, a printable mail label will be sent to you for easy send-off.


Another online platform where you can sell your excess or unwanted cosmetics is the Facebook. We have many closed beauty groups where you can sell your cosmetic online these places are full of people who are very obsessed with cosmetic products. In most cases, you’ll send a request to the admin of the group to be granted access, and some will even ask you some few questions regarding your intentions.


This is an online cosmetic shop where you sell your beauty products at a discount. Glambot will let you shop for the products of your choice whether used or barely used. There are brand requirements that you must meet, and once you’ve met the requirements, then you’ll be ready to sell the package and which must at least include 20 sellable products.


This is like Poshmark. MUAB has an account that looks like Instagram where you can post photos of your new or slightly used makeup for sale, along with its condition and the price. If there is an interested buyer, an email will be sent directly to you. Once the purchase has been made, the money will be remitted directly into your PayPal account.


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