How You Can Start Selling Cosmetics Online

When we talk about cosmetics, we will be talking about a wide range of products such as face makeup, lotions, and perfume. Many people don’t live in big cities where they can easily shop for their favorite beauty brands in flagship stores or boutiques; they then resort to buying their cosmetics online. We have few large, online corporate makeup stores online, but small independent cosmetic business can prove to be very successful online. If you possess the necessary knowledge and you’re thinking of starting an online retail business, consider setting up an online cosmetic business. Here are some of the things you need to know before setting up your online cosmetic shop

o   Must have an online target niche for your cosmetic business

 You need to specialize in one small segment of this particular industry as this will help differentiate your business from the many online cosmetic shops that are available to consumers. For instance, there are many online cosmetic business opportunities such as selling independent artisan brands, mineral makeup, and theatrical makeup among many others.

o   Acquire the necessary permits in your area of jurisdiction to start a retail online cosmetic business.

Though your business will be online, still you’ll have to abide by the regulation of the state. It depends with where you live, you may require a sales and use tax permit, a resale permit, Employment Identification Number and the certificate bearing your assumed business name.

o   Pick an internet service that has all-in-one e-commerce services

This will include design templates with web page editor; payment processing, shopping cart software. If you use an all-in-one internet service, like Core Commerce, ProStores or Intuit, Big Commerce, will enable you to launch a very nice online cosmetic store without the need knowing graphic design or HTML.

o   Consider your inventory

Ensure that the storage space for your inventory is clean, free from any dirt, dust, sunlight, and pets. The best options include looking for a closet or a spare room which you devote for only storing your merchandise, a temperature controlled storage room or a commercial warehouse.

o   Open a physical store

You can open big wholesale stores with liquidators, makeup brands and companies that distribute by establishing contact with them and requesting to become re-sellers. To open such, you will be required to produce business documentation and to place a minimum order. From there you can start making good profit for yourself.

o   Design nice packaging for your cosmetics

Even though you might not be the one producing the makeup you sell, you still need to brand your business well. Your shipping boxes should be in distinct labels, decorate your order boxes and bags nicely, or even use specific color schemes for your labels, boxes, and receipts.


Finally, market your online cosmetic business. Start promotional blogs, use your social media accounts, or even give exclusive discounts to people who read online magazines or beauty websites in your niche.


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